Our purpose

‘Every child in Victoria should have access to high quality state primary and secondary education in their local community.’

The Alliance advocates the establishment of a properly government funded essential infrastructure of government school provision which must serve the purpose of social cohesion, be highly attractive to all sections of the community and be accessible and affordable to all.

Every child in Victoria should have enforceable access to a high quality state primary and secondary school reflective of and connected to their local community. This means that these schools must be proactively planned for and built, well-maintained, staffed and funded appropriately. Their aim is to produce high educational outcomes based on high quality curriculum, including curriculum choices, pedagogy and assessment as well as high equity within and amongst schools and between identifiable groups of students.

Victorians introduced the social innovation of free, secular, and compulsory public schools in 1872, it is now time to celebrate this milestone by properly regulating its provision and defining education, including equity of access, opportunity and condition for all Victorian children.